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This service allows you to redirect your domain name to any existing web page on the internet and emails sent to your new domain name to another existing email address if you select the Email Forwarding or Bundle packages. The advantage of using this service is that you can have your very own online identity without incurring any web hosting cost. Perfect for businesses who have more than one domain names for their website.

For example, if you just registered a domain name: www.myname.com and you do not have any hosting services enabled for this domain name, but you would like to redirect www.myname.com to another web page, for example www.mycurrentwebsite.com/abc; and also receive emails through this domian name. e.g. sales@myname.com, you can simply use this service to redirect emails sent to sales@myname.com to any existing email addresses, even your hotmail or Yahoo email. This service is all you need and it is very affordable.

To purchase this service, your domain name needs to be registered with Telefa Pty Ltd. If it is not currently registered with Telefa Pty Ltd, please first transfer your domain name and then place the URL Forwarding & Email Forwarding Bundle order. You can do both at the same time through this website.


  URL Forwarding  
  Per URL  
  AU$11 / year  
  Email Forwarding  
  Pack of 10  
  AU$44.95 / year  
  Redirection Bundle (URL + Email Forwarding)  
  Per URL + Pack of 10 Email Forwarding  
  AU$49.95 / year (Save $6)  
  DNS Hosting & Management  
  Per Domain  
  AU$49.95 / year  

1. The domain name must be registered with or transfered to Telefa Pty Ltd at the time of purchase. The Redirection fee is to be paid in advance. The Redirection service is dependent on the status of the domain name.

2. Additional packs of email forwarding services can be purchased if more than 10 email forwarding accounts are required. There is no storage limit for forwarding emails. Pro-rata invoice will be issued accordingly to reflect the up-to-date amount payable when additional packs are required.

3. Customers are able to manage these Redirection/DNS Zone settings via Customer Care Login. You are able to make as many changes as you wish free of charge. However if you require our technicians to make changes on your behalf, it will be charged at a flat fee of A$25 per case (including GST) as additional services.

Need Help?
If you require any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to speak with one of our Customer Care Agents on 1300 TELEFA (1300 835 332) or +61 7 3368 2480. If you have a large number of domain names to process, please contact our Customer Care Centre for bulk discount opportunities (not valid in conjunction with any existing promotional offers).