Terms & Conditions on CMS Hosting

1. By selecting Telefa Pty Ltd CMS Hosting Services, you also agree to the 'Standard Terms & Conditions for Using Telefa Pty Ltd Web Hosting Services.

2. You must have an active Telefa Pty Ltd user account to purchase a product or service with Telefa Pty Ltd. You can create a free Telefa Pty Ltd user account by purchasing a product or service with Telefa Pty Ltd.

3. You must have a domain name registered in your Telefa Pty Ltd user account with DNS managed by Telefa Pty Ltd and the domain must be delegated to Telefa Pty Ltd name servers.

4. Standard installation will be put directly into the root folder of your hosting space replacing any existing web content therein. The CMS can be installed to a subfolder upon request at the time that the order is placed.

5. Telefa Pty Ltd does not accept responsibility for moving content between folders, before, after or during install. This process is solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

6. Telefa Pty Ltd shall not be held responsible for any content loss or data loss during or after the installation process or accept responsibility for any downtime that may occur during this process.

7. Downtime on your domain name may occur as a result of installation of a CMS system on that domain name.

8. Once the installation is finalised and the admin details are handed over to the client, the client is soley responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and general management of the web site and it’s contents.