Terms & Conditions on 14 Day Money Back Guarantee Web Hosting Promotion

1. By selecting Telefa Pty Ltd Web Hosting Services, you also agree to the 'Standard Terms & Conditions for Using Telefa Pty Ltd Web Hosting Services.

2. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to new customers only, not available to existing customers of Telefa Pty Ltd or customers of any affiliated organisations.

3. 14 Day counts from the date of purchase, including weekends and public holidays.

4. Upon qualification, we will issue you refund of the web hosting fee which you have paid less a standard Administration Processing Charge of $35.00 including GST. This fee is used to cover the merchant fees charged by the bank, administration costs for processing your request as well as the delivery and fulfillment of your refund.

5. The refund will be processed within 7 days of your request. You will receive an Adjustment Note/Refund Memo once your request is processed and completed.

6. If you paid previously with a credit card, the refund will also be given to you by credit card refund. Credit Card Refund may take up to 7 working days to appear on your bank statement, depends on your credit card bank. If you paid previously by Cheque/Money Order/Funds Transfer/Bpay, the refund will be given to you by Cheque, and it will be sent to your nominated billing address.

7. Any requests received after 14 days from the date of purchase (inclusive) will not qualify for this promotion hence refund will not be eligible.

8. To submit a refund request, please call our Customer Care Centre and quote your Account Number and your Domain Name. To comply with Privacy Act 1988, you must be the original account holder to submit such request. Any third party as long as it is not listed in our system will not be able to access any accounts. Our Customer Care Agents are not able to discuss any customer account information with unidentified third parties.