Terms & Conditions for Website Builder/Website Design Services

Website Builder cancellations will only be accepted within 7 days of the product being ordered. Requests must be submitted in writing. Written requests must be sent to TELEFA Pty Ltd Customer Care Centre on the registrant’s company letterhead. Refunds will be provided, less a 10% administration charge or $35.00 administration charge whichever is greater.

Please note that upon cancellation, the web site will remain up and running (providing hosting is still valid) but any live elements of your site (such as guest books, links to external sites etc) will cease to operate. TELEFA Pty Ltd will not provide you with back up of any data stored on servers if hosting services are provided by TELEFA Pty Ltd.

Any site built and/or published using Website Builder is not to be duplicated. TELEFA Pty Ltd will not provide the source code for any template based portions of a web site developed with Website Builder for any third party means.

Website Builder customers may upgrade to a larger product on a pro rata basis – i.e – any unused portion of the service (per month) is discounted off the upgraded product. In the event that the value of your current product exceeds the value of the upgraded product, you will not be provided with a refund.

If you use TELEFA Pty Ltd for domain name, web hosting, SSL or/and, search engine services, the terms and conditions for these services will also apply. Please refer to our website for their terms and conditions. (http://www.telefa.com/docs/terms-general.html)